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About this site:

BoriBnB is meant to be a simple way to connect people needing emergency housing after Hurricanes Irma and Maria - not just PR - with people offering it. It's being run by an American Sorta Rican (Aguadilla!) who doesn't know much about these things, but hopefully it'll be useful.

It is not meant to be an agent for the gentrification (ongoing recolonization) of Puerto Rico.  Let's learn from what happened to New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, and let's get the Boricuas that need to get out for a while a place to breathe, and then let's them get home and rebuilding. PR needs "debt" forgiveness, abolition of the Jones Act, and actual nation-building, not austerity and shock doctrine land grabs.

In that spirit, here are a few organizations well worth donating to, focusing on grassroots orgs putting the money where its needed: - "One hundred percent of monies raised will be used to support immediate relief, recovery, and equitable rebuilding in Puerto Rico for the communities hit hardest by the storm. The Fund is governed by organizations like Puerto Rico-based Taller Salud (women's health), the G8 of Caño Martín Peña, and other local, grassroots organizations.  The Fund will support organizations working with these hardest hit communities in Puerto Rico."

Fondo De Resiliencia - "To rescue our local agriculture and post-Maria food sovereignty." To restart agroecologia puertorriqueña, supporting the small farmers hit hard by Maria. 

Efecto Sombrilla supports the growth of the small organic farming movement happening across the island. They are gathering seed, tools, and hands in the effort. Contact tara@efectosombrilla

Help rebuild Casa Taller community arts space & Santurce. "We are launching this campaign to help bring Casa-Taller back to full capacity so we can again operate as a community hub and as a post-storm relief center for the Santurce community. Funds from this campaign will also go directly to supporting our neighbors in rebuilding."

Feminist Solidarity Post-Hurricane Relief Fund -  " Taking into consideration the increase in the precarity of essential services on the island, we are raising funds to establish a grassroots-organized space that would work as an oasis, meeting and gathering point and distribution center of resources to alleviate the most urgent necessities of women, LGBTQ people, non-binary folks and other people and communities in resistance."

Help victims of domestic violence shelters in Puerto Rico - "Hogar Nueva Mujer, Casa Protegida de Mujeres (CAPROMUNI) and Casa de la Bondad are organizations that provide shelter and transitional housing services for domestic violence victims with their families.  These organizations need your help to rebuild their facilities and bring relief and protection to their participants.  Your partnerships allows us to meet the urgent needs of women with their families(food, water, shelter, clothes, and personal hygiene products) and establish a Repair Fund for our facilities that have been impacted. "

Hispanic Federation UNIDOS fund is getting a lot of love. Feel free to give s'more.

Boricuas Connect is a cool website! Lots of information and resources.

Que viva Borinken, y Boricuas

Johnito ;)

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